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General upkeep and major repairs

Stalls, knocks, whines, squeals, and warning lights. What does it mean when your car starts doing these things? Just bring your vehicle to the experts at McMahan Automotive for a computer diagnostic to pinpoint the exact problem. From minor maintenance needs to complete engine replacements, out team can handle it all.

Exceptional auto repair services

- Computer diagnostics

- Engine replacement

- Automatic or manual transmission replacement

- Battery

- Alternator

- Starter replacement

- Fuel injection system

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Warranties available

You don't have to get the same repair twice. All work at McMahan Automotive comes with exclusive parts and labor warranties for your peace of mind.

Professional, affordable auto care for Sulphur Springs and Hopkins,TX

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Are you looking for more great services? Check out our same day brake service, wheel bearings, and full tune-ups. Affordable, quality services.

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